About Our Livestream Services

We recently switched from prerecorded worship services to livestreams. This addresses members’ desire for a live service from the cathedral. It maximizes our social distancing by keeping the clergy and other participants isolated. We can bring in prerecorded segments, such as the music, which cannot be sung live. Here are a few tips for viewing the services online to make sure everyone can watch and participate.

If you are having issues on Sunday morning, please contact Ginger Bitikofer. Ginger moderates each service, responding to Facebook posts, texts and emails in real-time.

Contact Ginger Via Email
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Troubleshooting Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you can’t see the video on our website, try using another device (tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer)

You can also try a different browser. Free choices include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (for Apple products). You can also update your browser to the most current version.

Use the refresh button on your browser to update the information on the page. If the screen freezes, try refreshing using the icon that looks like this, usually near the top left of the page:

Turn up the volume not only on your device, but inside the video window as well. The icon for volume looks like this and is often found in the lower right corner of the video: