Prayer and pastoral care play a central role in our life together at Trinity.

At Trinity, we share life’s joys and sorrows with one another. We strive to make our community a supportive place where those who wish can be known and seen, especially during time of personal difficulty or grief. Included below is a list of resources that you can refer to when in need of prayer, support, or counsel.

Speaking to Clergy

To speak with a member of our clergy for pastoral care, please consult our directory.

Seeking Congregational Prayer

Trinity currently has two public prayer lists.

  • Ongoing Concerns is a list for individuals who desire the prayers of their parish family as they continue to deal with ongoing concerns and challenges within their lives and the lives of their families. This list will be printed each week in the Trinity News bulletin distributed at Sunday worship. This list is intended to be taken home so these individuals can prayed for throughout the week.
  • Prayers of the People is the prayer list read during worship services. This list is intended for individuals who are actively undergoing treatment and/or find themselves in acute need. This will provide our community with the means to know when significant changes in condition and situation occur within people’s lives. This will also enable members of our congregation to be more actively engaged in the care and support of people and their families.

Please contact Doreen Hughes at 216-774-0415 or with your prayer requests. Prayer concerns will be read during the service for four weeks. The concerns will then be moved to the published Ongoing Prayer concern list that is included in our weekly service sheets. Ongoing prayer concerns will be published for an additional eight weeks.

Praying for Others

If you wish to pray for others, Trinity maintains a confidential ministry of intercessory prayers through a network known as The Prayer Tree. Members of the Prayer Tree update lists by phone chain and regularly pray for those whose names have been submitted by prayer request. Contact coordinators Debbie Hunter or Linda Turk if you would like to get involved in praying for members of this list.

Healing Service

Held on select Thursdays at 12:10 pm, this quiet, intimate mid-week service offers a brief respite from the pressures and frenetic pace of the world around us. Words of encouragement are offered and space is made for prayers of thanksgiving, intercession and petition. All are invited to participate in Holy Communion and those so desiring may receive an anointing for healing of themselves or others.