A Member of the Green TeamTrinity’s Green Team strives to be to be a center of God’s justice, love and mercy for all creation in Cleveland by modeling sustainable practices and empowering members, friends and neighbors to live in ways that provide quality existence for all creatures today and tomorrow. We do this by modeling and promoting sustainable practices for all to emulate.

Our big spiritual hairy audacious goals (with apologies to Jim Collins) are:

  1. To model God’s love for all creation by reducing our waste stream to zero.
  2. To improve the quality of air in downtown Cleveland by reducing our contribution of CO2 through an 80% reduction of our energy demands from coal fired power plants.
  3. To model green building and green operations by becoming 100% sustainable in materials purchase/use and all structural additions/modifications.
  4. To create an on-going educational model that will assist at least 75% of our congregants to live more sustainably and thus become living examples for their communities.
  5. To be a catalyst for better health and sustainable farming by involving a majority of our congregants and neighbors in the local foods movement.
  6. To create a model of personal connectedness to all creation so that God may focus the “breath of life” from within each person touched by the Cathedral.

Green Goals

The Green Team is working on three goals, and we need your help:

Reducing waste by 50% in the landfill this year through:

  • More recycling containers around the Cathedral and Commons
  • Reducing paper usage in and around the Cathedral
  • Reducing use of disposables that are not compostable for coffee hours and meals
  • Composting program for coffee grounds and compostables from the Café and kitchen
  • Revising meeting room contracts to reduce waste

Reducing energy use by 20% this year through:

  • Completing an energy audit and put in place appropriate energy reduction procedures
  • Studying feasibility of using photovoltaic and wind energy at Trinity
  • Developing a carpool database for members

Becoming 90% sustainable in our materials and practices through:

  • Evaluating all cleaning and grounds products to determine sustainability and replace where necessary and possible
  • Conducting a sustainability practices training program for all custodial staff

Learning about sustainable living

  • Completing a baseline survey of sustainable practices by 80% of congregants
  • Holding a “Living Lightly Fair” to inform congregants of sustainable living practices
  • Creating a “Creation Care” resource section of the library
  • Conducting workshops and seminars on sustainable practices

To learn more, talk with staff liaison Ginger Bitikofer.