Welcome to Trinity Cathedral! We can’t wait to meet our new dean!

This profile is our faithful attempt to discern what God already knows about us, what we are learning about ourselves, and what our vocation as a cathedral is and will be. The Search Committee spent several months conducting listening sessions with congregants. They told us what they loved, what had meaning in their lives, and what their hopes were for the future of Trinity Cathedral.

We invite you to visit each of the above sections and tour the rest of Trinity’s web site to get to know us.

On behalf of the congregation of Trinity Cathedral,
The Search Committee
David Cratty, Chair

The Rev. Yvonne Conner
Pam Darling
David Fulton
Kristina Kovach
Eric Nilson
Ute Vilfroy
Beau Daane
The Rev. June Hardy Dorsey
Brant Lee
Aretha McCreary
Patricia Roberts

For information about the dean position at Trinity Cathedral, please contact the Rev. Percy Grant, Canon for Ministry at the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, at (216) 774-0455 or pgrant@dohio.org.



Worship is the core of our being at Trinity. We are the living witnesses to the generations of faithful who have worshipped in our sacred space of beauty and holiness. Our pulpit has a long tradition of strong preaching that calls us to actions of social justice on behalf of the Gospel. We are an inclusive community of faith in language and deed. Our hospitality is radical and all are welcome at our table.

Congregation at the Altar
We take pride in the variety and frequency of services. Sundays begin at 8 a.m. with a mostly spoken Eucharist held in the chapel. At 9 a.m., our sanctuary is enlivened with all ages who come to share in our gospel/rock/pop music Eucharist. It is led by a cantor and accompanied by a three-piece band. This service also experiments with other music–such as Beatles Sunday and U2charist–and several times a year we are led in song by our very own bluegrass band.

We hold a traditional Eucharist with full choir at 11:15 a.m., and this service is noted for its musical excellence in the Anglican tradition. On the first Sunday of the month, from October through May, Trinity holds a Solemn Sung Eucharist at 5 p.m. A popular mid-week service is Wednesday Evensong, also October through May. The music is provided by one of our professional choirs or visiting choirs from around the Diocese. Guest celebrants participate frequently in Evensong.

Although many of us have special feelings about a particular service, we share a strong commitment to the value of the variety of worship opportunities that appeal to a wide range of people. Yet this variety has resulted in what feels like distinct, separate congregations. We hope that our new dean will help us coalesce into one faithful body of Christ.

Remembering Orlando

Mission and Ministry in the Community

Trinity’s mission in the community is to proclaim in word and action God’s justice, love and mercy for all creation. We recognize our role as an urban cathedral should be to serve our congregation, the Diocese, and the Greater Cleveland community. While we have many successful outreach ministries, we feel strongly that we could be doing more. We want Trinity to be a leader among Cleveland’s faith institutions, and we would like our clergy and our congregation to be visible and active throughout the region. Our membership in Greater Cleveland Congregations–an interfaith social justice advocacy group–is one step in that direction.


We have two long-standing ministries that serve our neighborhood: A Place at the Table and our volunteerism at the Marion-Sterling School.

A Place at the Table is a Sunday hot lunch program open to anyone. Trinity’s urban farm occupies a previously abandoned lot in downtown Cleveland. It produces over 3,000 pounds of food each summer which helps feed our hungry neighbors.  The urban farm and A Place at the Table are both volunteer-led activities.

For the past 20 years, Trinity has partnered with Marion-Sterling, a Pre-K through Grade 8 Cleveland Metropolitan School located in one of Cleveland’s poorest neighborhoods. We have several volunteer programs designed to help improve the lives of students and their families.


Trinity Commons

In the early 2000s, in partnership with the Diocese of Ohio, Trinity expanded its campus and built Trinity Commons. This office/retail/meeting space accommodates organizations that work on community development, social justice, civic, health, education, self-help, arts and culture collaborative programming. We are constantly challenged by the cost of operating the building complex in order to provide these important services. While we are proud of the effort we have made to draw people and organizations into Trinity Commons, two components of our campus remain underutilized. We have a free-standing building adjacent to our parking lot that has been vacant for fifteen years while we attempt to find a mission-compatible use. There have been many re-purposing proposals over the years, some for commercial use and some for residential use, but none has been the perfect fit. We also have a large garden located next to Cathedral Hall, but it is seldom used.

Campus District CSU

Gay Pride
Trinity is located in Cleveland’s Campus District in downtown Cleveland, surrounded by the expanding campus of Cleveland State University (CSU) and its 17,000 students. As CSU continues to grow, the nature of our relationship changes. We are still discerning how to best serve this community of mostly commuter students.
Trinity makes a visible and intentional effort to reach out to the LGBTQ community through services that celebrate gay pride and diversity. Our clergy officiate at gay weddings and blessings, and we encourage LGBTQ groups to meet at Trinity.

Children, Youth and Adult Formation

Spiritual formation at Trinity Cathedral is guided by the belief that Christian education is a lifelong process and that Christians of all ages need opportunities to strengthen their faith and continue their journey in spiritual formation and fulfillment.

Dean's Forum

We have a comprehensive education program for children ages Pre-K through senior high school, and Sunday School/Youth groups are attended with enthusiasm. However, the congregation wishes we had a more formalized children’s choir and a more structured pre-Confirmation program.  In the last year we have had to suspend our Sunday morning nursery care, and our Parents/Caregivers Group is languishing.

Blessing Back Packing

Our Sunday education for adults includes Sunday Bible study and our Dean’s Forum discussions on current events and contemporary and theological issues—often featuring guest speakers. From October to May, our Wednesday evenings start with Evensong and are followed by a variety of programs. The other opportunities available for adult formation include retreats and Education for Ministry. Most of our spiritual growth programs are scheduled for Sundays and Wednesdays, and there are many members of the congregation who would like to see programs on other days of the week.

Music and Art

To support our liturgical and secular music programs, we have a full choir, a chamber choir, a chamber orchestra, a full time organist who serves as director of music, and a part-time organist.  Two Flentrop organs are located in the sanctuary, and our Skinner organ is in storage while we raise funds for its installation. The smaller Flentrop will be sold to accommodate the installation of the Skinner.

To expand our outreach through the arts, we established Music & Art at Trinity—a supporting nonprofit corporation. Music & Art’s purpose is to “provide high quality, diverse and accessible music, performing and visual arts experiences to the Northeast Ohio community.” Its signature program is the noon Brownbag Concert Series, now in its 40th season. Learn more about Music & Arts at Trinity HERE.


Trinity Cathedral has experienced long-term financial stability. The budget includes Cathedral expenses, plus the operation of Trinity Commons which is owned jointly by the Cathedral and the Diocese. The Cathedral is the managing partner of the Commons.

Trinity Commons

Financial facts and figures:

•Trinity Cathedral has a $20 Million endowment. A Cleveland bank serves as trustee, and the cathedral investment committee monitors the endowment, making recommendations about investment policies to vestry. Current guidelines limit the annual draw on the endowment to five percent.

•In 2016, 269 pledging units contributed $596,224.

•Here’s a quick look at our operating budget and our endowment draw for the last three years:

  2014 2015 2016
Operating budget $2,089,719 $2,101,541 $2,189,799
Draw from endowment $875,841 $839,945 $894,498
Draw percentage 5.31% 4.68% 5.00%

•After a year devoted to discernment and planning, Trinity Cathedral launched a capital campaign in the fall of 2016, its first in living memory. Despite the unexpected health-related retirement of the dean almost immediately after the launch, the campaign continued. Now in its final phase, the campaign has raised just over $1.5 Million in cash and pledges.


Trinity’s governance is primarily vested in two bodies: Vestry and Cathedral Council. The Vestry is responsible for all finances, investments, property, personnel policies, and programs. Cathedral Council is responsible for overseeing and advising the Vestry on matters concerning mission, outreach and community ministry, and congregational life. Learn more about Trinity’s governance HERE.


Trinity Cathedral is the oldest continuing congregation in Cleveland, just 20 years younger than the city we serve. The Cathedral as we know it today was constructed in the early 1900s and consecrated in 1907.

The Cathedral congregation celebrated 200 years from fall of 2016 through May 2017 with an impressive and wide-ranging speaker series, and an informative history exhibit titled “Crossroads of a City, Heartbeat of its People” in the gallery space, along with special bicentennial worship services.  You can view the video of the exhibit and Trinity’s history below.

You can view a timeline of Trinity’s history HERE.

The Diocese of Ohio

We seek a closer relationship with the churches of our Diocese. Trinity would like to be a leader in both tradition and innovation for the wider church. We would like to find more ways to welcome people from other Diocesan churches to the Cathedral. Learn more about the Diocese of Ohio HERE.

Read a letter from our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth HERE.

About Cleveland

Just under 400,000 people live in the city of Cleveland proper, spread over 78 square miles.  And nearly 2.1 million live in the metropolitan area. These days, Cleveland is considered part of the Midwest as well as what many refer to as the “Great Lakes Region.” Our northern border, Lake Erie, is the fourth largest Great Lake and provides drinking water for over 31 million people.

iStock.com/Dwight Nadig

[After a decades-long economic downturn, the area is experiencing an incredible renaissance. The new economic powerhouses include health care and academics, with major hospital systems, universities, and related businesses. Add to that, the region is currently boasting more than $17 billion in capital developments. Almost $3 billion of that is tourist-related. Development projects are also driving an explosive downtown residential scene. Cleveland currently has a ninety-six percent occupancy rate downtown.


Playhouse Square


Cleveland has much to offer its residents: affordable housing, top-rated educational opportunities, world class health care, easy commuting and an affordable cost of living. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Severance Hall—home of the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra– to Playhouse Square, second only in size to New York City’s theater district, our arts and culture scene is incredibly diverse and rich. Clevelanders are big time sports fans, too. Other plusses include miles of lakefront with walking and biking trails, thousands of acres of park land, including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is less than a half hour away from downtown. Add to this an incredible food scene that is at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement. We even have our own Iron Chef!

Visit Cleveland – virtually!

This is Downtown Cleveland 

A Cleveland Anthem 

Why Cleveland? 

This is Us

Trinity Cathedral has begun its third century of service to its congregation, diocese and community. Well-situated and ever faithful, we look forward to a new era at the crossroads of the city in companionship with our twelfth dean!

During our discernment to gather information for this profile, we received thoughtful suggestions from the congregation about worship, music, ministry, civic engagement, education, and our relationship with the wider church. The results of these listening sessions can be downloaded HERE.

Our congregation also has a creative, fanciful nature. We describe ourselves with a flourish below:

We are a community of seekers: some are cradle Episcopalians, others come from a wide spectrum of faith traditions (or no tradition at all).

We believe worship should take many forms as we seek to enrich our contemplation of the sacred. Thus, we are pleased to set the table many times.

If there is work to be done, we show up and roll up our sleeves.
We recycle.
We are messy and marvelous.
We walk, ride bikes, and commute. We gather and separate.
We are many races. We are gay, straight and every part of the full spectrum.
We encourage our children to dance around the altar.

We strive to be one of the world’s great cathedrals, a vibrant community of faith, and a leading institution in Cleveland—a model of the church as a sacred public space in the heart of the city

Finally, you can listen to our unofficial theme songsung by the Trinity Cathedral choir.