Prayer Requests at Trinity Cathedral

Sunday Bulletin Prayer List  The prayer list that is published in the bulletin on Sunday is a public prayer list — the names are read aloud at Sunday services. We ask that if you are seeking prayer for someone besides yourself, that you ask that person’s permission first. Names remain on this list for up to four weeks. If you wish, the request may be renewed by contacting Doreen again at the end of the four weeks. The prayer list is intended for urgent and acute prayer needs– it is not intended for long-term prayer needs, due to limited space. If continued prayer is desired after some time on the prayer list, we will ask you to move the request to the prayer tree.

Prayer Tree  Long-term prayer requests are placed on the prayer tree. A group of Trinity members and clergy offer daily prayer for prayer tree requests. Names may remain on this list as long as needed. The prayer tree list is not publicly posted.

Prayers for Those Who Have Died  You can request prayer for someone who has died recently– please let Doreen know if the person was a family member or friend. Prayers for the deceased are included with the Sunday prayer list.

Prayers for Those in the Military   If you have a family member or close friend that is deployed in the military, and you would like us to pray for him/her, please send the name to Doreen Hughes, and include where the person is stationed, and their relationship to you. Be sure to contact Doreen when the individual returns from deployment. Military names are included with the prayer list on Sundays.

Prayers of Thanksgiving  Prayers of thanksgiving may be offered– if you are grateful for the birth or adoption of a child, the return of a soldier from deployment, etc.– please let Doreen know, so that the community may rejoice with you. These prayers are included with the prayer list on Sundays.

Member Birthdays  We also recognize member birthdays in our Sunday prayers– if you have not shared your birthday with us, you may contact Doreen with this information.