Wednesday Evenings at Trinity are a great opportunity for our community members to gather during the week. Wednesday evenings begin with Evensong at 6 p.m., followed by supper ($6 donation) and an educational program at 7:30 p.m. Times may vary for Bicentennial events. See the schedule below.

Inquirer’s Class

The Rev. Canon Kay Rackley
Feb. 1, 8, 15 & March 8, 15, 22

Trinity’s Inquirer’s Class is designed for those who are interested in learning more about Trinity Cathedral and the Episcopal Church. Canon Kay Rackley leads this series of Wednesday evening classes, which will also prepare those who desire to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church.  The series utilizes the paperback book “Those Episkopols,” by Dennis Maynard; copies are available at Trinity for $12 (a few copies are available for loan). Please contact Ginger Bitikofer (, 216-774-0407) if you have questions.

History is a Prologue to the Future: Of Bishops,
Buildings & the Broad work of the Church

The Rev. Brian Wilbert
February 22, 2017

Special Wednesday Forum Special Wednesday Forum Celebrating
two hundred years of the Episcopal Church in Cleveland and the
State of Ohio. This forum will recall the history of the Episcopal
Church in Ohio — from serving the settlers of the Western Reserve
to the establishment of schools in the region to influencing social
order during industrialization.

Leadership from a Christian Perspective

The Rev. Canon Vincent Black
April 5, 2017

Special Wednesday Forum A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ.
In this forum, The Rev. Canon Vincent Black will explore the ways
in which being a Christian invites us to surrender to God and to
follow God’s will while calling us to lead others into relationship
with God and each other in Christ.

Grief Recovery Group

Al Brazynetz, Chaplain
March 22 & 29; April 5, 19, &26; May 3, 10 & 17
Cost: $20 (Scholarships available)

The Grief Recovery Method is an 8-week program that provides
participants with tools to achieve a sense of completion in moving
beyond loss and helps them regain energy and spontaneity. The program will be led by Trinity parishioner Alex Brazynetz, who is a
trained Grief Recovery Specialist, currently serving as Staff Chaplain
at the Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital. The program includes text
and supplemental materials. Contacting Alex at to register.