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Poetry, Myth, and Belief

Sunday, Sept 6

Dave Lucas Poet Laureate of Ohio

Dave. Lucas, a native Clevelander, whose first poetry collection, Weather, was published in 2011, and who teaches at Case Western Reserve University, will talk about how poetry, myth, and belief illuminate and help us find meaning in  both our personal and communal experience of life.

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Ministry Forum: GCC Education Team and Becoming Beloved Community

Sunday, September 23

Trinity members Kelly Henderson, Sandra Luther, Antoinette Ponzo and The Rev. Dr. Yvonne Connor

The Practice of Peacemaking: Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable

Sunday, September 30

The Rev. Sarah Shofstall Priest Associate

As the issues grow and more divisive, it becomes essential to seek common ground and to recognize the good on both sides of an argument. The Rev. Sarah Shofstall discusses ways to engage in civil dialogue in these uncivil times.

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Ministry Forum: Sacred Space and Community Gospel Reflections

Sunday, October 14

Charlotte Nichols will discuss Trinity’s Sacred Space group, which is one of our Health and Wellness Ministries. Bill Fuller will talk about the recent changes to the Sunday morning adult Bible study, Community Gospel Reflections.

Support for Families Facing Addiction

Sunday, October 21

The Rev. Sarah Shofstall Priest Associate

Trinity’s Priest Associate the Rev. Sarah Shofstall will speak on giving support for families facing addiction.  There will be a viewing of the video “Not In My Family” followed by discussion.

Being Sanctuary

Sunday, October 28

The Rev. Lisa O’Rear, Rector, St. Andrew Episcopal Church, Mentor.

Reverend Lisa O’Rear will speak on St. Andrew’s experience of being a Sanctuary Church.

Ministry Forum: Refugee Family Support

Sunday, November 11

Trinity member Jeff Spiess

As immigration bans, aggressive ICE enforcement, and family separations have made headlines, the needs of those struggling to find a safer and more promising life in America have become greater and more complex. Come and learn what Trinity members are doing to fulfill the command to welcome the stranger, and what ongoing opportunities there are for further service.

Cleveland Police Consent Decree Update

Sunday, November 28

The Rev. Dr. Yvonne Connor

The Rev. Dr. Yvonne Connor, Co-Chair of the Cleveland Community Police Commission, will bring us an update on the implementation of the Consent Decree.

Ministry Forum: Angel Tree and The Boar’s Head Festival

Sunday, December 2

The Trinity Angel Tree Team and Cindy Wyszynski, BHF Committee Chair

Continuing a Movement: The Daily Work of #MeToo

Sunday, December 9

Alex Leslie, Director for Educational Services at The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

The continuing work of building communities where survivors of rape and sexual abuse can come forward are believed to provide safe places for healing and recovery.

Alex Leslie, Director for Educational Services at The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center will explore ways to build communities free from sexual violence and exploitation in our spheres of influence.

The Book of Common Prayer: Baptism

Sunday, January 6

The Rev. Dr. Paul Gaston, Acting Dean

McFadden, Children, Youth and Family Minister and Trinity member Audrey Hudak

Sunday, January 13

McFadden, Children, Youth and Family Minister and Trinity member Audrey Hudak

Martin Luther King Sunday

Sunday, January 20

Steve Johnson, Jr., Interim Coordinator, CSU Veterans Student Success Program

Mental Health Court

Sunday, January 27

Judge Hollie Gallagher and Judge Deena Calabrese of the Cuyahoga County Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Court.

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