Youth Group Meets First and Third Sundays of Each Month, 10:10 am-11 am

Our Youth Group Mission is to guide junior and senior high students through a reflective and active experience, providing a Christian foundation in the Episcopal tradition. We aim to help our kids foster a spiritual reserve that supports them in making informed, moral decisions throughout their lives.

PIlgrimageYouth (6th – 12th grade) can join us Sunday mornings from 10:10-11 a.m. in the youth space to find friendship and explore their faith. Our program combines open, faith-based conversation about contemporary issues with Bible study, music and multi-media samples. Youth also participate in outreach projects, retreats, social events, and an annual Mission Trip.

The adult leaders strive to provide examples of lives lived in faith and remind young people of the ever-present love and mercy of God. To learn more about our Youth Group please contact the Rev. Jo Nygard Owens.

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation at Trinity isn’t about learning the answers but about beginning to ask the questions. If you’re in 9th grade or above, we invite you to explore the process of confirmation in the Episcopal Church.

Here’s how it works: We pair you with an adult mentor who’s ready to talk with you about God, church, and faith. The only rule is that your mentor isn’t the one with the “right” answers. We expect–even hope–that you’ll sometimes disagree. What if you decide confirmation isn’t for you right now? That’s ok. The point is to ask the questions.

We use an Episcopal confirmation curriculum that combines traditional Book of Common Prayer-based Christian catechesis with a healthy openness to questions, doubt and searching that supports young people in claiming a faith that is deeply held and truly confirmed. If you’re interested in confirmation or want to find out more, please contact Ginger Bitikofer.