The Dean’s Corner: Returning to Holy Week

The Dean’s Corner

Returning to Holy Week

Holy Week is about more than just the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection; it is also a way that we as Christians mark time.  Our whole liturgical year is rooted in the promise of Easter, and the services and celebrations of Holy Week are an annual pilgrimage to the cross and the empty tomb. Each year we bring to this story the crosses we are bearing in our own lives; each Easter morning our hearts are awakened to ways throughout the year that we witness the miracle of resurrection.

Yet this year we return to Holy week after a protracted season of timelessness. Two years of pandemic – which began shortly before Holy Week in 2020 – have meant that we have not walked through the liturgies of Holy Week in person together for a full three years. Indeed, though I’ve been your dean for almost three and a half years I’ve only been through Holy Week once with you!

That we are returning to more in-person services warms my heart, especially as we begin the journey of Holy Week together. From Palm Sunday to Tenebrae, from Maundy Thursday to Blues and Lamentations to a Saturday evening vigil where we welcome churches from around the diocese. From the solemn prayers of Good Friday to a joyful Easter morning, our ministry leaders have prepared beautiful concerts and liturgies that I hope will move us all and awaken us to mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. I so look forward to sharing these services with you, both online and in-person.

The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens