The Dean’s Corner: Is This the Place, and are These the People?

The Dean’s Corner

Is This the Place, and are These the People?

Is Trinity Cathedral the place where you will journey with God, and are these the people with whom you will share the joys and challenges of the life of faith?

This Sunday we will ask this of more than 25 people who have chosen to become members of Trinity Cathedral. Some began attending Trinity virtually during the heart of the pandemic, others arrived more recently, and a few have been a part of the Trinity community for some time.  This Sunday, we will welcome them during a New Member Liturgy at each service, where we celebrate our shared baptismal identity and our shared commitment to being the Body of Christ in this community, in this place, together.

This is a deeply sacred moment when we each acknowledge the journeys that have brought us together, and the movement of the Holy Spirit that is always at work.

Yet it’s a journey that asks something of each of us. In the service, I’ll turn to the congregation – to you – and ask: Will you recognize that their presence and participation will change this church, and help it to grow in new ways? New life means new change, new tensions, new creativity, new opportunities.

It can be challenging, but it can also be exciting. This Sunday we’ll also welcome Eric Travis, our new Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry. In the months and years to come, Eric will help us to extend that same life-changing welcome to youth and children in our community and prepare them for a lifetime of following the Holy Spirit.

Please join me this Sunday in welcoming so many souls to Trinity Cathedral and giving thanks for the ways their presence will transform us all!

The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens