The Lord’s Prayer Nobody Knows

The Lord’s Prayer Nobody Knows

There are two versions of the Lord’s Prayer in the New Testament. The one that “everybody knows” is Matthew’s version, which is recited in church every Sunday. The version that “nobody knows” is in Luke’s Gospel. This class considers the strong possibility that Luke’s version is more original and therefore more authentic than Matthew’s.

Session 1: A comparison of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew and Luke.

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Session 3

In this session, Bob reflects on Jesus’ call to us to live as a people of peace in an often hostile and violent world. Watching the news from the Russia-Ukraine border carefully, while also considering our gospel passage: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who abuse you. This is hard advice, as the news of the day makes clear: does this require of us an absolute pacificism? What about standing up for those whose lives are threatened, who are unable to defend themselves?

Session III Lord’s Prayer Notes