The Dean’s Corner: My Fall Plans & The Delta Variant

The Dean’s Corner

My Fall Plans & The Delta Variant

There’s an amusing social media trend right now called “My Fall Plans/The Delta Variant” where our grand plans for something fun and lively are shown alongside the thing that completely upends them. My family now know well how this idea of a return to “normal” has been turned upside-down by a spike in cases and a highly contagious nature of the Delta Variant.

I am now a week past testing positive for COVID, and I’m pleased to say that I’m improving. My symptoms (which were never worse than mild) began to improve after several days of rest, and this week I have generally been working half-days so that I can continue to recover.  I still experience fatigue and feel winded at times, but thankfully this is very mild and manageable.   My focus continues to be, in the following order: 1) keeping others in my household healthy, 2) staying away from places where I might infect others and 3) resting as much as possible so that I can recover and return soon.  I will test again in a few days to see if by then I am COVID negative.

I am so grateful for your prayers of support. This certainly requires a bit more patience with myself than I’m accustomed to, but I am pleased to say that I’m slowly recovering.  I am reminded through my good fortune of those who are struggling: let us remember and hold in prayer those who are sicker, those who, whether by choice or circumstance, have not received the vaccine, and those who have lost so much from this pandemic.


The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens