The Dean’s Corner: Excitement and Uncertainty

The Dean’s Corner

Excitement and Uncertainty

This week our diocese learned of Bishop Hollingsworth’s decision, after many months of discernment and conversation with the Standing Committee and the Presiding Bishop’s office, to begin a process of episcopal transition after several decades of service here in Ohio.   Our diocese is beginning the process of calling a Bishop Coajutor in just over a year. This is a frequent practice in our church that provides an important level of continuity through the transition: A new bishop will be elected and service alongside Bishop Hollingsworth for a period before Bishop Hollingsworth’s retirement, sometime in 2023.

The Rev. Adrienne Koch and I both have recent experience of an episcopal transition: both of us were part of the search process leadership in the Diocese of North Carolina when we sought Bishop Curry’s successor there. We remember this as a time of both uncertainty and excitement, as we considered the gifts of our previous bishop while opening our hearts to where the spirit might be calling us in our next chapter.

This mix of excitement and uncertainty is not so different from our cathedral community as we begin to gather again, and especially as we gather in small groups to explore what we value through our experiences of worship and liturgy.  This Sunday will be our first session, and we’ll begin by talking a bit about our churchwide process of liturgical revision. We’ll talk about where we find new freedoms as well as learn a bit about the theological contours that will shape the process going forward.

I’ll of course be with you for this class on Sunday but I’ll be doing so remotely: our family has had a COVID exposure so Jo and I are quarantining at home at least through early next week. This impacts Sunday school (see below) but I’ll still be with you to teach the class through the magic of internet technology!


The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens