The Dean’s Corner:  Building the Common Life

The Dean’s Corner

Building the Common Life

Is “politics” a good thing, or something to be avoided in polite company? So often, we boil an important and complex question about building a common life – also known as politics, in the best sense of the word – to the question of whether or not it’s polite to talk about politics in church, at work, or around the dinner table. Yet we know that the questions of prosperity and equity and human flourishing often overflow our tight compartments and find their way into our wider conversation, whether we like it or not.

When we share a commitment to the common good, and when we cultivate the virtues that make common life possible, then politics can indeed be the means by which we work together to create a more just and humane world. It’s no coincidence that Trinity’s public-facing community space is called Trinity Commons…it’s a reference to community life shared beyond the doors of the cathedral but still held in the light of God’s presence.

This Sunday, we’ll talk about what that common life can look like, even amid a world that seems stuck in its divisions. I hope you’ll join me for this Sunday’s Trinity Forum, where I’ll interview Dr. Luke Bretherton, a professor of Theological Ethics at Duke. Our conversation will be about politics, virtues, and what a commitment to democracy looks like in our country today.

The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens