Evensong Podcast: Leo the Great

Choral Evensong Podcast
Wednesday, November 7, 2021

Leo the Great

Evensong from Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland

Choral Evensong: Leo the Great

Join us the as we commemorate Leo the Great, Bishop, 461. The Choristers of St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights  will sing and the The Rev. Brandon Ashcraft, Assistant Rector, St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights will deliver the homily. This hybrid Evensong service is held in the nave and livestreamed here and at facebook.com/trinitycleve.


Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE with license #719993-A. All right reserved.

Evensong Order of Service

10 November   

Leo the Great 

Choir          Choristers of St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights (Kelsey Ferguson, director) 

Homilist     The Rev. Brandon Ashcraft (Assistant Rector, St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights) 

Phos Hilaron – Andrew Walker (b. 1955) 

Hymns  35, 662 

Psalm 77: 11-15 

Responses – Malcolm Archer (b. 1952) 

Service    George Dyson in C minor (1883-1964) 

Anthem  If with all your hearts (from Elijah – Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1947) 



Evensong Order of Service


Opening Preces

Office Hymn

Psalm—77: 11-15 

First Lesson -2 Timothy 1:6-12


Second Lesson—Matthew 5:13-19

Nunc Dimittis                        

Apostle’s Creed

Responses, Lord’s Prayer, and Collects

Greeting and Homily


Spoken Prayers

Concluding Versicle and Response