The Dean’s Corner: Let’s Move our Feet

The Dean’s Corner: Let’s Move our Feet

The Very Rev. BJ OwensAt last Sunday’s Absalom Jones service, our preacher, the Rev. Ronald Byrd, challenged us all to “get loud” and “move our feet” in order to speak out and mobilize against racism and systemic injustice.  Rev. Byrd, the Episcopal Church Missioner for Black Ministries, called us to keep speaking and keep moving.  He told a story of watching a high school basketball game where his son played the game of his life. He succeeded because he just kept “moving his feet” and playing a defense that couldn’t be beat.

For several years now, Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) has been leading people of faith in the city in “getting loud” and “moving our feet” on issues of great importance so that we can bear a more impactful witness in Cleveland.  As many of you know, Trinity Cathedral is a founding member of GCC and has a strong core team that helps lead Trinity’s involvement in the community.

We’ll be joining GCC on Thursday, February 27th, for a Criminal Justice Action where we’ll be calling for the creation of two mental-health crisis centers. These “diversion centers” are places where, in the case of minor offenses, folks with mental illness can be taken for in-patient treatment rather than incarceration in the county jail.  This would not only create the possibility for better treatment for those with mental illness; it would also save the county money as the cost of incarceration far exceeds the cost of treatment. This initiative has widespread support but we believe that a large turnout will help solidify the political momentum needed to get it across the finish line.

I’m asking you to join me next Thursday, to get loud and to move your feet, to make a joyful noise and to help make a change that will have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of some of Cleveland’s most vulnerable people. The event will take place at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 7:00 p.m.– 8:30 p.m. Please sign up in advance with Trinity’s GCC core team by contacting Gary Benjamin at or by signing up at church this Sunday.

The Very Rev. Bernard J. Owens