The Dean’s Corner:  Things Will Get Better

The Dean’s Corner

Things Will Get Better

Though there is good news on the horizon regarding COVID – including progress on an effective vaccine – the number of cases continues to grow markedly, both locally and nationally, as the disease spikes and indoor options are less available.  For these reasons Trinity has not returned to indoor services, as you well know.

We are making decisions amid a moment where the situation is both worse and better at the same time:  the risk of being together, whether as families or congregations, is as high as at any point since the pandemic began, and may well grow even more in the coming weeks.  That feels especially bitter as the months roll on, and as we move into a season of the year we associate with seeing and embracing loved ones, with sacred meals and joyful carols.  Yet the progress of a vaccine is a promising indication that things will get better, and that we can begin to think about a time when we can safely be together once more.

We acutely feel the pain of not being together, be that for liturgy or small groups or even monthly planning meetings. Yet we will continue to “mask up” and give up something very sacred to us – physical presence – in order to best care for one another, to make our love tangible and impactful.

We continue to worship and pray together, even if it is not in person. This Sunday we will reclaim one of our most beloved traditions, choral evensong, via Zoom.  We’d love to have you join us, so be sure to read the article below. It’s just one example of how we can still be the people of God together, and lift our voices in song.

The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens