The Dean’s Corner: The Image of God

The Dean’s Corner
The Image of God

The Very Rev. Bernard J OwensThis Sunday is Pride Sunday! Pride Sunday is a great feast day for Trinity, as we celebrate the ministry and stories of LGBTQ+ persons at the cathedral and in the Diocese of Ohio. It’s certainly a moment to remember and reaffirm our commitment to diversity and reconciliation. But more to the point, this is a Sunday when we recall what it means to be made in the image of God.

God’s image has many facets and countless expressions, and just as each of us is blessed to carry that image with us, we are equally blessed to carry only a part of that image in us. That means that as we live out our faith among a community of difference and diversity, we receive the gifts of seeing that image in one another. The message of Pride is one of challenge, proclamation and joy: we challenge one another to respect the dignity of all, we proclaim a reign of God that is diverse and beautiful and we gather joyfully in the presence of God and one another.

We will celebrate as we have each Sunday over these past few months, with a service that is broadcast over the internet. Last Sunday we had planned to return to livestreaming the service via our website and Facebook Live. Unfortunately, technical difficulties intervened and the service didn’t quite work as planned. We have worked this week to solve the problem and plan once again to be offering the service live at 10am (with prerecorded elements such as music and readings). I’ve learned that many churches have had at least one Sunday where the best plans were laid waste by the vicissitudes of internet worship, and that’s exactly what happened to us. We are working to make sure this coming Sunday – Pride Sunday – goes a bit more smoothly.