The Dean’s Corner: So Good to Be Together

The Dean’s Corner
So Good to Be Together

Thanks to everyone who joined us last Sunday for our first in-person gathering since the pandemic began! Many thanks to the team of ministry leaders and staff who helped plan and manage the event (and the amount of details was mind-boggling) and thanks especially to our neighbors across the street at Cleveland State who welcomed us so enthusiastically.

It went well, but we learned a few lessons on how to improve it. We continue to work to find a way to worship that meets the needs of both the in-person folks and the at-home folks, and as you can imagine that is not always an easy synthesis. Last Sunday certainly gave us some good practice.

Most of all, it was so good to see one another, even if it was just a small segment of our whole congregation. I found that I felt two things at once: my heart was warmed to see so many of you, but saddened to know that there are so many who could not be there.


The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens