The Dean’s Corner: Looking Forward to the Dean’s Forum

The Dean’s Corner
Looking Forward to the Dean’s Forum

This week we’ll hold our first Dean’s Forum since we began worshipping and holding classes online. I’ll be interviewing someone quite familiar to all of us, our Priest Associate Adrienne Koch. Adrienne wrote a chapter recently in Belovedness: Finding God (And Self) on Campus) on the journey of faithfulness and identity traveled by college students who are LGBTQ+. It’s a book written for students but I’ve found it to be filled with wisdom and encouragement for all of us.

We will be doing something new for this forum: it will be a live interview using the same platforms (Facebook Live and the website) that we use for Sunday morning worship. We’ll start just a few minutes later (11:30) to give our technical crew enough time to be ready.

If you can pick up the book with Adrienne’s chapter, “God Made the Rainbow,” by all means do so. But no homework is necessary and I hope you’ll join us online at 11:30 for a great conversation.


The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens