The Dean’s Corner: Considering How To Return

The Dean’s Corner
Considering How To Return

The Very Rev. Bernard J OwensWe continue to discern, on a weekly basis, what returning to public worship might look like: how to do so safely, what the liturgy will look like, and perhaps most importantly, when that will be possible. As the summer unfolds, we are both watching the news to see how COVID-19 is impacting our community amid the relaxed restrictions and taking in information on how churches can re-open safely. There are a great many resources: from webcasts from the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes to meetings of clergy leaders sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic, we are tuning in to bring best practices alongside the recommendations and experiences of ministry leaders within Trinity itself.

We are exploring several possibilities, including outdoor worship that could be livestreamed and indoor worship that might be a mix of in-person morning prayer and a livestreamed service of Eucharist. Each of these and other possibilities, we are learning, require a substantial amount of detail-oriented planning and no small measure of trial-and-error.

Bear in mind that there is no road map, that there are very real logistical challenges to any choice we make, and that we are working to balance safety concerns with many folks’ desire to be back with one another and in the sacred space of the cathedral. We may not be ready to return just, but know that staff and ministry leaders are working very hard to prepare the ground for when that time comes.