The Dean’s Corner:  Caring for One Another

The Dean’s Corner

Caring For One Another

As you well know, the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in our county, state and nation is frightening.  The concern of the moment is amplified by its timing, just days before a Thanksgiving holiday that is a beloved tradition for so many of us.  We miss seeing our friends and families as much as we miss being with one another in church.  Whether we have lost loved ones or are simply missing their company, the pain of this season is difficult to overstate.

Yet we are not powerless. We can still make choices that can protect ourselves and loved ones and even limit the spread of the disease. When our vestry met this week for its regular monthly meeting, we decided that the alarming rise of COVID cases requires a greater care on our part to protect our congregation, the staff and ministry leaders who serve us, and all those with whom we come in contact.

We have decided, effective Monday, to further restrict in-person activities while the virus is at its current peak.  We will move to pre-record Sunday services again so that liturgical leaders do not need to be in a room together, and we will not offer in-person small group or program activities – including children’s and youth activities, livestream BrownBag concerts or personal prayer time in the Cathedral.  We will still serve our Sunday guests at A Place At The Table and will continue to discern the safest ways of doing so.

We are in the process of planning Christmas services, in collaboration with Bishop Hollingsworth.  I know that the disruption of our holiday rituals and traditions is one of the most difficult parts of this moment, and we will share plans as soon as they have taken a more definitive shape.

Friends,  I have heard from many of you how much you miss our shared worship in the Cathedral. Though some feel ready to return, the reality of the virus calls us to care for one another through continued endurance and prayer.  This, too, is an expression of Jesus’ incarnational love, and for the image of God I see in each of you I give heartfelt thanks.

The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens