The Dean’s Corner: A Relationship With God Can Change a Young Person Forever

The Dean’s Corner
A Relationship With God Can Change a Young Person Forever

Last Sunday many of our youth, children and their families gathered in the Cathedral Garden to meet in person Shannon Smoot, Trinity’s new Youth and Children’s Program Coordinator, and Delaney Ryan, our new Youth Program Assistant. Shannon has already begun gathering a team of parents and volunteers to meet regularly to prepare for an official start to our fall program on Sunday, September 27

I am thrilled to see Shannon and Delaney begin their work on such a strong collaborative note, even amid the challenges of doing church in a pandemic. Their ministry is vital; we know that a relationship with God can change a young person forever.

The process that brought Shannon and Delaney to us has been richly collaborative. I was joined by an advisory committee that included staff members, parents, volunteers and a representative from Trinity’s youth group; together, we shared our hopes and experiences, shaped the positions and met some wonderful candidates. Through these rich conversations that led us to Shannon and Delaney, we began to establish the shape of a program that can nurture the faith of children, youth, and parents for years to come.

As the cathedral, we must draw on best practices for developing faithful and healthy youth ministries while also exploring the unique charisms (gifts) that a cathedral can offer for children and youth in our midst. I am excited for the growing circle of folks – including Shannon and Delaney – who will help guide our discernment and our work.



The Very Rev. Bernard J Owens