The Dean’s Corner: A First Step

The Dean’s Corner
A First Step

The Very Rev. Bernard J OwensNext Sunday, July 5th, we’ll take a first careful step towards re-gathering for public worship. I’m excited to say that we’ll be gathering for Morning Prayer on the lawn across the street from the Cathedral at CSU’s Center for Innovations in Medical Professions. CSU has been very welcoming in allowing us to gather for our first in-person worship service since the pandemic began.

To do this safely, we’ll have to observe a number of important protocols and practices that are quickly becoming simply a part of normal life these days. Everyone will need to register online, allowing us to manage numbers and social distancing (space) and also have contact tracing. Masks will be required, and seating will be lawn chairs and blankets that you may bring. Though the service begins at 10:00 a.m. next Sunday, we’ll need folks to arrive between 9:10 and 9:40 to seat people appropriately. We will livestream this service so that folks can participate from the safety of their own home as well.

This Sunday (June 28) will be a usual livestream from the cathedral. But next Sunday I hope you’ll either join us live on the lawn or continue to participate via livestream. This is the first step and we hope to learn a lot about how to gather safely and well, and that we can apply those learnings to whatever we decide to do going forward.