Ministry Moment: Mark Malloy

Ministry Moment: Mark Malloy

Mark MalloyOctober 6, 2019

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Mark Malloy. I have been a member of Trinity since 2013, along with my husband, Todd. I am here today to share with you how Trinity has become an important part of my life. I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic Church and at the age of 12, I began playing the organ for the 8:00 Mass in the parish I grew up. It really made me feel connected to my faith community because of that.

As an adult and after I met Todd, who was born and raised in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, we always went our separate ways on Sundays. And in 2013 and after being together for 30 years, we decided we wanted to find a faith community together. We were fortunate to find Trinity, although some times we think Trinity found us.

Over the past six years, I have become very involved in many ways, especially in the ministries of Trinity Cathedral. Because Trinity has become a large part of our lives, we feel it is important to give back for what we have received from this special community. I have found such fulfillment in being involved in Cathedral Council, Music and Art at Trinity, Flower Guild, as well as the LGBTQ Ministry Team. Coming to the Cathedral on Saturday mornings to arrange flowers in this peaceful, solemn space, is truly spiritually therapeutic for me.

I so appreciate being on the Music and Art at Trinity Board as it reminds me of how important music has been in my life and in Church. When I sit in this Cathedral and listen to the choir and hear the organ, it leaves me in awe. Being involved in the LGBTQ Ministry Team allows me to continue to make Trinity the welcoming community it is. Over the past year, I have also become a Eucharistic Minister and an acolyte which has also become very special to me.

Many times over the past years I have thought about those people who were here before us, I feel pride and joy in walking in their footsteps. I feel that it is so important to be a responsible steward in this special place that has become so valuable in my life. My hope is that in 100 years from now that someone will be coming here on Saturday mornings to arrange flowers or be a part of any ministry and find the peace and joy of being a part of this faith community as much as I do.

I also hope that all of you are fortunate enough to find and experience.

Mark Malloy

Trinity Cathedral, October 06, 2019