Messages from Dean Owens and Rev. Shofstall

Messages from Dean Owens
and Rev. Shofstall

Trinity Cathedral’s Priest Associate Role

(With a message from Sarah below)

Dear Friends,

I am happy to inform you that with the approval of the vestry I have begun a search for a Priest Associate who will join me in the pastoral leadership of Trinity Cathedral. This priest will serve as a collaborative part of the clergy team andwill likely have specific areas of responsibility over adult formation, outreach and program ministries, as well as the cultivation of relationships within our immediate neighborhood. I am working with the Rev. Percy Grant, Diocesan Canon for Ministry, and the Office of the Bishop to create and promote a position description throughout the wider church.

The Rev. Sarah Shofstall will continue to serve as a Priest Associate here at Trinity until we complete this search process. Sarah came to Trinity about a year ago to help us make the transition from the period of interim leadership to the time when a new Dean was on board. I have found her experience and her support to be invaluable, and her presence continues to be a gift to Trinity at this time in the life of our congregation. Sarah is a gifted priest and wonderful colleague.

A search for a Priest Associate can go relatively quickly or it can take some time to find the right fit. After July 1, Sarah’s position will change to 3/4 time, which in practice means that she will be with us one Sunday less per month and in the office one day less per week. She will continue to have responsibility over adult formation and liturgy, and will continue to preach and offer pastoral care.

As you did for the Dean Search process, I ask that you please keep this search for a Priest Associate in your prayers. Trinity Cathedral offers a wonderful opportunity for a priest discerning their next call; we know also that we will learn much from the priest who is called to join us in ministry. I ask that you also join me in giving thanks for the Rev. Sarah Shofstall, and in gratitude for the time we still have with her.


The Very Rev. Bernard J. Owens

Dear Friends in Christ,

As you have read in the Dean’s letter above, I will soon be transitioning away from Trinity Cathedral. I treasure the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I have learned with you. My hope is to find another full-time position here in the Diocese of Ohio. The exact timing of my departure from the Cathedral will be uncertain until a new associate is called or until I am called to a new position — whichever comes first. I will certainly be here for the next couple of months, except for two short vacation trips. As soon as I know a departure date, you will know it.

I am terrible at “good-byes” (I cry easily) so let’s not say good-bye until the time comes. We have much to do in the coming months.