A Letter to Trinity Congregation: Food For Families Program on Hiatus

A Letter to Trinity Congregation:

Food For Families Program on Hiatus

Trinity Congregation,   

The decision has been made to put Food for Families on hiatus starting in October.  We will hold our normal September (Friday, Sept 13 at the usual time) school pantry at Marion-Sterling, as promised to our recipients and in fulfilling our contract with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.  Our contract with the Food Bank goes from October thru September.  At this time, we will not be renewing the contract, however, if in the near future (within the next year) we decide to reinstate the program, we have the option to renew at that time.

Our decision to place Food for Families on hiatus started while we were searching for new leadership of the program.  It became clear that some factors impacting the program had changed significantly and that the program required re-evaluation.  The end of our contract seemed to be a logical time to do this, especially with the arrival in October of our new Priest Associate, Adrienne Koch.  Part of her responsibility will be to oversee Outreach and Campus Ministry.

At the heart of our re-evaluation is our mission/commitment to feed the hungry in our neighborhood.  We will be exploring ways to continue this mission/commitment.  We have found the neighborhood is evolving and we need to adapt to those changes.

I would like to take this opportunity to “thank” Trinity members for their dedication and support to the Food for Families ministry.  Your commitment to this ministry has resulted in the feeding of countless students, families and seniors in the Central neighborhood.  We could not have done this without your help.

Dale Murphy

Program Coordinator,
Food for Families, Part of Trinity Cathedral’s Hunger Ministry