Ministry Moment: Emma Gittins

Ministry Moment: Emma Gittins


Emma GittensOctober 27, 2019

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My name is Emma Gittins. I’m a junior in high school. I work at King Kone, the best ice cream shop ever. I have been putting away some money to give to the church since I started working there. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. I feel proud that I can give the money I have. So I consider myself a giving person. When I looked up the definition of “giving,” I was surprised at the definition. It said: providing love or other emotional support; caring. I then realized that is exactly what Trinity has given me. It turns out that Trinity is the actual giver.

Last year I was struggling with a lot of things. My friendships and family relationships were strained. I was sad and down in the dumps and pretty angry. I continued to go to church but resisted going to youth retreats, but thankfully I went. Trinity and the diocesan youth events provided me with a safe place to escape. I was able to create new relationships and care for others. I felt accepted and wanted. And my relationships at home and with my friends and family strengthened. I am now doing much better. I looked up the Gospel for today – Luke 18 – and realized that being proud and giving are not compatible. That those who “humble themselves will be exalted.” And that when you give to help others, it’s not about yourself but about those around you. I am thankful to receive the gifts that the church has given me. I am excited for others to have the same opportunity to experience Trinity as the giver. Just like I did when I needed it most.

Trinity Cathedral, October 27, 2019