Cathedral Council Report 2019

Trinity Cathedral
Report by Dale Murphy, Chair

Trinity Cathedral’s mission is to proclaim in word and action God’s justice, love and mercy for all creation.  We as a congregation, through our ministries and outreach, fulfill this mission every day.  Cathedral Council’s mission is to oversee and advise the Vestry on matters concerning the mission, ministries, outreach and congregational life of the Cathedral. Whereas the Vestry oversees the body or physical side of the Cathedral, Cathedral Council oversees the spiritual or soul of the Cathedral.

In the past year, the Council has been busy continuing its work to better appraise our relationships with our ministries and the congregation. At each Council meeting, a ministry leader is invited to attend and report on their respective ministries through a list of 5 conversational questions.  By discussing their mission in the context of these questions, the Council works to establish a better relationship between Council and that ministry. In some cases, ministries have requested to attend Council meetings to share ideas and report on existing activities with us.

Another aspect of our commitment to our ministries, Cathedral Council hosted a “Celebration of Ministries Workshop” last October.  This all-day facilitated workshop brought together many of our ministries to celebrate our common mission.  At the workshop, ministry leaders were introduced and educated in using Council’s “Guidelines for Small Group Ministries” tool with regard to such matters as ministry formation, leadership succession and ministry evolution. Our guest speaker at the workshop, Rev. Evan Fischer from St James, Wooster, shared his work with ministries from the local parish level.  Ginger, on the other hand, shared her work with ministries on the Cathedral level. Plans are to schedule another workshop sometime this Fall.

Also, this past year, Council continued to appraise our relationship with the congregation.  Through a mini “ministry fair” and scheduled “Ministry Forums” also known as “Ministries of the Cathedral,” Council “showcased” through conversation at our forums and through the visible displays at our fair, the many ministry opportunities that are offered here at Trinity.  As in the past, both forms of “showcasing” our ministries will be discussed at our upcoming meeting for the Fall program.

In closing, I would like to “thank” Council members and our many ministries for their work and dedication this past year in helping to fulfill our mission.  On behalf of Cathedral Council, “thank you” for your support of all our ministries and outreach.