The Way of Love: June 2 Summary – Rule of Life

The Way of Love

June 2 Summary – Rule of Life

Led by the Very Rev. Bernard J. Owens

The Very Rev. Bernard J. Owens leading week one of The Way of Love

On Sunday, June 2nd, Dean Owens did a great job kicking off our nine-week “Way of Love” summer series by introducing the concept of a “Rule of Life.”  We began with a centering silence, followed by prayer.  We then introduced ourselves, our religious background, and said either our favorite daily routine or why we were participating in The Way of Love series.  Dean Owens then introduced the concept of a Rule of Life.  From the Way of Love Introduction, a Rule of Life is an intentional commitment to a set of practices that provide guidance, rhythm and inspiration for living a beautiful, meaningful and holy life. As we place these practices at the heart of our daily lives and join with companions who share the commitment, we grow more and more in the unselfish, hope-filled Way of Love that Jesus embodied in the world.”  The Episcopal Church has compiled more resources on Rules of Life on their Way of Love website.

We then discussed some of the following discussion questions, followed by closing in prayer:

  • What are some rules of life that already exist in our own lives, consciously or unconsciously? Are they helpful, or hurtful?
  • Where is God calling you to pay more attention in your life? In what specific ways would you like to be more intentional with God?
  • Monastics have been using rules of life for centuries. What do you think is key to the rule of life’s staying power? What is appealing? What is daunting?
  • What is holding you back from being more intentional about your relationship with God? What can you do this week to take down one of those barriers?
  • The Way of Love is a rule of life. With whom could you travel the Way of Love, helping to keep each other accountable?

For homework, Dean Owens asked us to fill out the “Making Time to Practice the Way” sheet.  Our next session will be led by Miriam Torres-Souffront on June 9th at 9 am.  She will be focusing on the practice of “Turn: Pause, listen and choose to follow Jesus.”  Thank you for the great turn out at the first session!

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