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Marie KittredgeMarie Kittredge

Chair, 2019 Stewardship Campaign

Marie Kittredge, chair of the 2019 Stewardship Committee, draws upon the Ministry Moments by Bill Fuller, Janet Lechleitner, and Miriam Torres-Souffront to show that “Trinity Is Us!” Marie reminds us that “yes, there will be a new dean, but the congregation is the center of the heart of Trinity.” She holds that it is “our gifts and those of our forebears that make Trinity’s work in Cleveland and the world possible.” Read her special message below, given on Commitment Sunday when the congregation was invited to bring their pledge forms or pledge acknowledgment cards to the altar

Good morning!
I am blessed to be able to chair the Stewardship Committee again. I truly find that I get back much more than I give in this role. Many thanks to the rest of the Committee — Cynthia Ries, Jane Freeman, Bill Fuller, Michael Wells and Tony Wesley — for your work over the past few months. Thank you also to staff member Holly Tomasch, who has been here to help us put our ideas into action.
This year’s Stewardship campaign has been especially meaningful for me because of the three moving testimonies that we have heard. Yes, a new dean is coming, but the congregation is the center of the heart of Trinity. Each of our three Ministry Moment presenters echoed this, speaking of the people of Trinity, and the powerful impact they have had on them personally.
Bill Fuller shared how he was spiritually fed through the many cups of water from Trinity clergy and members, which helped bring him from a place of brokenness to healing and community.  It enabled him to once again share his gifts through our ministries.
Janet Lechleitner talked of the comfort of the liturgy in a time of grief and of finding a second family here. Janet mentioned several ministries that she participates in, including the weekly Sunday morning Gospel Reflections, and she quoted the first Epistle of Peter, “Good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”
Miriam Torres-Souffront spoke on the personal impact of Trinity’s ministries, of being once lost and now found through the grace of Trinity’s commitment to the idea of an open table where all are welcome and the booth at the Pride Parade. Miriam urged us to continue our work, meeting people at the intersections of their lives and inviting them in.
I hope that you have found these ministry moments personally meaningful as you reflect on what Trinity means in your life, and what gifts you have to share. Yes, a new dean is coming, but Trinity is us. It is our gifts and those of our forebears that make Trinity’s work in Cleveland and the world possible.
Our pledges support worship services that nourish members, visitors, and strangers in a sacred space when we offer radical hospitality that changes lives. Trinity is a diocesan center of faith where thousands find spiritual fulfillment through liturgy, music, contemplation, and action. It is a place where Trinity members make a difference in the world by currently leading 37 active ministries, including the racial reconciliation ministry of Becoming Beloved Community, the Episcopal Peace Network, and the Refugee/Immigrant Family Support ministry — all three of which were started during this time of transition.
Finally, our pledges support a historic pulpit that has provided civic leadership and civil discourse informed by Scripture, tradition, and reason for over 200 years through countless changes and troubled times, including this current era of divisiveness in our country.
We hope that you prayerfully consider your pledge as this is between you and God, and that you feel inspired and joyful about giving at a level that is meaningful to you rather than feeling uncertain or guilty about how much is enough. Remember, it’s okay to change your gift, decrease or increase as life intervenes and circumstances change.
Now to joyfully celebrate our pledges, we’ll have some music, and I will invite you to bring up to the altar either your completed pledge card or a card representing your pledge if you have already sent yours in. Then, after the service, we’ll have a festive coffee hour for us to honor this Commitment Sunday.
Thank you.


“Answering God’s Call” Stewardship campaign is now underway through early 2019. If you haven’t already pledged, you can do so easily by using the secure link below.


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