Ministry Moment: Bill Fuller

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Bill FullerBill Fuller

Bill Fuller, a long-time and active Trinity member, tells how he arrived at Trinity over 20 years ago — newly divorced, unemployed, and broken. He was unable to give and barely able to receive. Bill recounts how, through many cups of spiritual water, God and the Trinity community helped him rebuild his life and family. Bill’s Ministry Moment marked the kick-off for Trinity’s 2019 Stewardship Campaign, “Answering God’s Call.”


Good morning, everyone. I’m standing before you today as a member of the Stewardship Committee and it’s my honor to serve on that. I wanted to tell you a little bit why it’s important to me.

I contend that as loving, caring Christians, we all need to be able to give and we all need to be able to receive. That’s certainly a basic part of our Christian life to be able to give and receive God’s love. I showed up at this congregation a little over 20 years ago — newly divorced, having lost my job in a vocation that I loved, a single parent of an eight-year-old girl and a thirteen-year-old boy, and pretty broken.

I would arrive late, sit in the back, and leave early. I had nothing really to give, nothing really to share with anybody. I would come and say my prayers, receive communion, get what guidance I could get, ask what questions I could ask of God, and carry on. Over the course of time, those things changed. Trinity gave me cups of water and more cups of water and more cups of water. I got involved in teaching Sunday school and there met my wife Becky. We were married here 16 years ago. The cups of water that we received from this congregation were unending.

Parishioners cooked for our wedding. Parishioners made music for our wedding. They set tables. We were offered again and again so many cups of water. Over the course of time, I’ve gotten involved in our Community Gospel Reflections. It’s my delight to come here on Sunday morning and hear the gospel read amongst my fellow journeyers and have us just talk a little bit about what does that lesson mean to me. And what does it mean to somebody else that I love who is sitting next to me.

In that way, I am offered more and more cups of water. For other people, there are different aspects of this Christian community where they can be fed and they can give as well. As part of the Stewardship Committee, one of the things that I love about this church and about being on that committee is that it’s really an offering of love and it’s really a spiritual undertaking.

Yes, the church needs money to keep the lights on. Yes, it needs money to pay the staff. Yes, it needs money to pursue its many ministries, but at the base of that is faithfulness and what it means to be fed and once we’re fed, what it means to share that with the world around us. To me, that is the point of our stewardship campaign for this year. Something that will not only go through the fall, but we hope will continue through the whole year. So that we, as faithful Christians, can know and love God, and both receive and give in God’s name. Amen.

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