A Christmas Message From Dean Owens

A Christmas Message From Dean Owens

Advent CandlesDecember 19, 2018

Dear Friends,

Blessings to you in these last days of Advent, as together we prepare to celebrate Christmas and welcome once again the Prince of Peace. In this season of mystery and expectation, you have been in my prayers.

As you might imagine, this season of Advent and Christmas has not been typical for the Owens family. On top of the usual holiday activity, we, of course, went through a mighty transition: saying farewell to church and school, packing up the house and doing everything we could to prepare for something very special. In our case, that “new thing” was a new life in Cleveland, a grand adventure and a new start for our family. Once we announced to our congregation that we’d be leaving, the clock started:
get to Cleveland by Christmas!

We didn’t plan it this way, but Advent has been something of a holy disruption, of living in-between two places and feeling up in the air. Yet the life of faith means that we’re always on the move in some fashion, and we trust that that God is always there with us. Indeed, sometimes we see God most clearly in moments like this, when life feels unsettled and our anchors no longer hold us in place.

When we worship together on Christmas Eve, we will celebrate the Incarnation of Jesus, but we will also begin a season of awe and wonder. For my family, the Christmas season will especially meaningful as it will be our first weeks together in this new place. But this speaks of the wonder of the Incarnation for all of us: the living presence of God, made known in Bethlehem so many years ago, inspires us and leads us to new beginnings all the time.

As the busiest parts of the season draw to a close, I invite you to sit with the quiet mystery of the Christmas season, to listen to what God is saying to you in the moments of joy and wonder that come after many weeks of preparation.


The Very Reverend Bernard J. (“BJ”) Owens

I hope that you can join us on Christmas Eve at Trinity!