Dean Search Committee Report 2018

Trinity Cathedral
Report by David Cratty, Chair

My task this morning is to bring you up to date on work of the Dean Search Committee. First though, on behalf of the search committee, I want to again thank those of you who suggested videos for the Cathedral profile and who suggested clergy to be included in the search.

Since Easter week we have been accepting applications from interested clergy from Maine to California. We are currently reviewing the credentials of the applicants, which are expressions of interest, resumes, office of transition ministry questioners, church websites and podcast sermons. As a part of our initial screening of candidates, we have asked for written responses before any initial interviews to four questions to get a better sense of who the candidates are.

These questions are:

  • What is it about Trinity Cathedral that intrigues you?
  • Talk to us about leadership in the church today.
  • How do you understand and experience the role of a cathedral?
  • Tell us something that we won’t learn from your resume.

In addition to preaching ability, pastoral care, commitment to social justice and urban ministry, the Committee is evaluating the applicant’s formation experience, leadership experience and management experience. We know that these are all priorities as Trinity moves forward. After reviewing all of the materials we have received we will schedule initial interviews via telephone or electronic means such as Skype or FaceTime with the candidates we think will be appropriate leaders for Trinity Cathedral and then we will do on site visits.

I know that the question of when will there be a new dean in place is one that everyone is interested in, not least the committee and Paul. What I can say right now is that the members of the Committee are working diligently to bring a new dean here sooner rather than later. All that we have done to this point has been necessary and has been done in a thoughtful and prayerful manner.

Moving forward, I would ask for your continued prayers for the committee, the applicants, the congregation and the diocese. Thank you.