Cathedral Council Report 2018

Trinity Cathedral
Report by Dale Murphy, Chair

Trinity Cathedral’s mission is to proclaim in word and action God’s justice, love and mercy for all creation.  We as a congregation, through our ministries and outreach, fulfill this mission every day.  Cathedral Council’s mission is to oversee and advise the Vestry on matters concerning the mission, ministries, outreach and congregational life of the Cathedral. Whereas, the Vestry oversees the body or physical side of the Cathedral, Cathedral Council oversees the spiritual or soul of the Cathedral.

In the past year, Council appraised and updated the various documents used by the Council to carry out its mission.  After first identifying the Cathedral’s many ministries, then working with the leaders to update their ministry “descriptions”, Council published a redesigned and updated “ministry booklet” that became available last September.

Also, in the past year, Council worked to better appraise our relationships with our ministries and the congregation.  Council began by asking various leaders to attend Council meetings to discuss their ministry. Council created a list of 5 conversational questions, basically; who, what, why, when and how.  By discussing their mission in the context of these questions, Council worked to establish a better relationship between Council and that ministry.

To appraise our relationship with the congregation, Council introduced last September our series known as “Ministry Forums” or “Ministries of the Cathedral”. Traditionally, Council sponsored “Ministry Fairs” in the Fall and Spring to “present through display” our various ministries.  However, Council wanted to use a new medium to “showcase” the ministries in a more engaging way.  By using the 5 conversational questions used at Council meetings, Ministry leaders can “engage” and share this same information with the congregation.  By ending the forum with an Q & A period, the congregation can “engage” the leaders to answer their questions and concerns

Looking to this Fall’s programming, our “Ministry Forum” series will return in September, with the following ministries, “Becoming Beloved Community @ Trinity Cathedral” and GCC’s Education Ministry Subcommittee.  The “Forums” will continue once a month through November and then again in January. Also, this Fall, Council will be hosting a “Celebration of Ministries Workshop” on Saturday, October 6th.  This facilitated all-day workshop will bring together many of our ministries to celebrate our common mission.  The workshop will also introduce and help educate the ministries in using Council’s “Guidelines for Small Group Ministries” tool with regard to such matters as leadership succession and ministry evolution.

In closing, I would like to take the time to “thank” Council members for their work and dedication this past year in helping to fulfill our mission.  On behalf of Cathedral Council, “thank you” for your support of all of our ministries and outreach.