Search Committee’s Progress Report

Search Committee’s Progress Report

Chair David Cratty gave the following report at Trinity Cathedral’s May 7, 2017 Annual Meeting

Although not technically a part of 2016 activities, the Search Committee knows that there have been many questions about the search for a new dean. So, I want to take this opportunity to let you know where we are in the process.

There are roughly four stages to Trinity’s new dean search process:

  • Congregational assessment
  • The search
  • The election/appointment of a new dean
  • The welcome

We are just beginning the congregational assessment phase as we assess what it means to be a cathedral, not just a congregation.

The Committee wants to thank you [congregation] for the outstanding level of participation (191 responses) in our short survey last month. The congregation’s top three choices for being engaged were:

  • Online surveys
  • Small group meetings at Trinity
  • Small group meetings in homes

The Committee currently is working on the logistics of implementing these choices. Also, note that the Committee has a web page accessible from Trinity’s home page. Look for the “New Dean Search” link.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers for the Committee and the congregation.