United Thank Offering Ingathering on May 14

On May 14 Trinity will once again participate in The Episcopal Church’s United Thank Offering (UTO) campaign. There will be an information table in the Promenade on Sundays. Bring your blue box or envelope with you to church on Sunday, May 14 and place it in the offering plate. Since 1889, when The Episcopal Church Women first collected $87 at General Convention, UTO has been a way for Episcopalians to offer gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Every dollar gathered has been spent on the church’s mission and ministry, both here and abroad, and Trinity’s outreach ministry has received grants from UTO in the past. For more information, talk with Yvonne Harrold or Ginger Bitikofer (gbitikofer@trinitycleveland.org or 216-774-0407).

The United Thank Offering is a personal and family devotional program of The Episcopal Church. It is a practice in our life in Christ that begins with daily prayers and gifts of thanksgiving. These gifts of thanksgiving – coins and bills dropped in the UTO Blue Box – from each individual are combined with others at parish and diocesan celebrations and finally within all of The Episcopal Church. The Offerings totaling nearly $3 million each year (January through December 31) are given away in the form of grants. These grants continue to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the Church throughout the world.