Trinity Stands in Solidarity with LGBTQ+ and CSU Communities

Trinity Stands in Solidarity with LGBTQ+ and CSU Communities

Posted Oct. 20, 2017

Dear Trinity Kindred,
As many of you know, our good neighbor across the street, Cleveland State, experienced hate speech this week. Following the opening of the campus LGBTQ+ center last week, violent posters directed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community appeared on campus. They were promptly removed — but not before they were viewed by many arriving on campus. Although President Berkman responded quickly, his statement failed to satisfy those seeking a stronger and more direct response.

Although the hate speech was directed at one specific group, an attack on one segment of the community represents an attack on the entire community — both the university as a whole and the city that is its extended campus. Any attempt to pit one segment of the community against another violates the sacredness of our communal life. In short, this assault on the LGBTQ+ community is an assault on all of us.

Trinity Cathedral has responded in several ways. On Thursday morning, the Cathedral displayed the LGBTQ+ flag at its front doors. In addition, we have been in communication with Cleveland State University, offering Trinity’s support. We will continue to seek ways in which we may be of service. Please offer suggestions.

We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ and CSU communities in their opposition to hate speech and all forms of sectarian violence. It is through our humanity — with all of its diversity — that we become capable of discerning the sacred in our midst. It is through our community that we participate in the inviolability that is human life. The Cathedral doors remain open to all people — All Are Welcome!

Please join us in prayer for the many who have been hurt by this painful and deplorable incident.

In Faith,

Paul Gaston





The Rev. Paul Gaston
Acting Dean