Update, Your Input Requested for Sanctuary Chair Replacement Project

Last Sunday, almost 30 members came together to hear an update on the “A Seat for the Soul” cathedral chair replacement project. Kevin Van Tuig, chair of Trinity’s Property Committee, gave a 30-minute slide presentation summarizing the results of the Committee’s yearlong research and analysis. In short, Trinity’s 30-year-old sanctuary chairs need to be replaced. The chairs are quickly approaching the end of their service after the life-extending improvements of our 2013-2014 “Repair a Chair” program. In addition, the current chairs do not meet the code specifications for Trinity’s pending Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Cleveland.
The Property Committee evaluated nearly 20 different chairs using 13 criteria. The landslide winner was the Howe 40/4 chair! You can review the Committee’s “A Seat for the Soul” presentation (below). Of particular note are the testimonials for the award-winning Howe chair by Canterbury Cathedral, UK (video), St. Paul’s Cathedral, London and Boston, Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral and St. John’s Cathedral, Australia.
With the Property Committee’s unanimous recommendation, we are now finalizing the color of the chairs: white oak or walnut veneer.  You are invited to examine both chair examples in the Sanctuary on July 9 or July 16 and give your choice. With congregational input, the Committee will complete its recommendation so that the chairs can be ordered and in place by late 2017. We will celebrate the New Year with new, much-needed “seats” that will be paid for through the generosity of many to Trinity’s “From Generation to Generation” capital campaign.