Ministry Moment: Natalie Belle

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Natalie Belle

Photo: Natalie Bell
  … I can’t imagine why I was asked to do this but I’m going to tell you that I grew up in the Episcopal Church. My father immigrated to this country from Jamaica, my mom from the United Kingdom, Great Britain. They were both Anglicans. I grew up on a horse farm in Virginia. I came to Cleveland in 2004. I was recruited as surgeon and Associate Professor of Biochemistry. I stayed here because of the people of Cleveland. I hate the weather, but I’m here.
I went to many churches looking for a church home. I walked through the doors of Trinity Cathedral in 2014 and the first person I met was Janet Pearce doing her duties as Sacristan who said, “Welcome! Come on in!”  And I’ve stayed.
I play many roles here at Trinity. I started out as an usher and Eucharistic minister.  I am in my third year of Education for Ministry (EfM), which is just an amazing experience.  They [my fellow classmates] are my family. I was honored when I was asked to serve as a verger. My mentors–Anthony, Tim, Dani, Mel, Michael and Ted–have been just outstanding in teaching me to do this job, which is a little bit of all of those [I’ve done before].
My stewardship is what I give back to Trinity. My parents said every day, “To those that much has been given, much is expected.”
Trinity is the people. Every person sitting in this church. It isn’t the clergy, though, we have the most amazing clergy, I think, in Cleveland.  It is our diversity. We are deans, we are lawyers, we are people who come through the doors. Our building sits in Cleveland across from Cleveland State University. The Muslim students meet here. We are all of that…we are magic, we are pure magic!
My stewardship is that Trinity has to continue. We are what being Christian is all about.  We welcome everyone. I would hope that when you are looking at that [pledge packet] envelope trying to decide what to give – give whatever you think you can because Trinity is living, breathing Christianity in 2017.  We must continue. We are very valuable to this city and all of you are very valuable to us. You will get back more than you can ever give to Trinity.  You, who come from far and wide, are my community. You give me far more than I can ever give you.
Thank you very much.

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Natalie Belle is a very active Trinity member who has served as a greeter and Eucharistic minister, and is now verger.  She is also vascular surgeon, professor and lives in Westlake.  Below, Natalie tells how she came to Trinity, why she stays and how we, as a community of faith, are magic!