Ministry Moment: Marie Kittredge

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Marie Kittredge
Chair, 2018 Stewardship Campaign



Photo: Marie KittredgeCampaign Kick-Off Remarks
September 24, 2017

In this transitional time, both within our church and in the world, our gifts will have outsized impact. The congregation’s spiritual and civic leadership is more important than ever as our country and our city struggle with difficult challenges, and as we prepare to welcome our new dean.

Our many ministries, including, interfaith relations, hunger, education, refugee support and the civic discourse of our historic pulpit respond to these difficult challenges. As a sacred space, we provide spiritual nourishment to our members, guests, and the thousands who come in contact with Trinity Cathedral throughout the year. As it has for me so often, Trinity is also here to support us as we tackle the toughest times in our personal lives, when we stretch to show compassion for “the other” — to forgive, to fulfill our Baptismal Vows, to discern what actions we are called to take in our rapidly changing world.

Tony Wesley, my frequent partner in stewardship often says “Gifts Multiply!” For me, this is a foundational truth — I have seen the power of multiplying gifts over and over in my life and in my work. It is why I continue with stewardship as my ministry, and why “giving back” to my community is so important to me. Our gifts of time, talent and treasure are what makes Trinity’s spiritual and civic leadership possible. We are the ones that enable Trinity to come alive, to endure.

 A quick word on what to expect from the Stewardship campaign, it will not be painful, I promise. On three Sundays in October, we’ll have several Trinity members share a Ministry Moment on their personal experience with Trinity’s ministries. We ask that you use the next couple of weeks to prayerfully consider your pledge to Trinity, and pledge online, by mail, or drop your pledge form in the collection plate by Sunday, October 29. We will culminate our campaign on October 29, when we will join together at the altar on October 29 to present our gifts for 2018!



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