The Dean’s Forum Podcast: From Giving the Sacrament to Being the Sacrament

From Giving the Sacrament to Being the Sacrament: The Ministry of Hospital Chaplaincy
The Rev. Sahra Harding
Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Rev. Sahra Harding returned to Trinity for a conversation at the Dean’s Forum with Brant Lee. Sahra spoke about her ministry as a hospital chaplain.Hospital chaplains care for those experiencing a health crisis.  This ministry is for people of all faiths and no faith.  This kind of spiritual care involves respecting the beliefs and culture of each person as it provides care to patients, their families and loved ones, staff and employees.

Sahra moved to Cleveland five years ago to become the Curate for Trinity Cathedral and lead the Children and Families Ministry programs.  Following the curacy, she took a full-time position as an interfaith hospital Chaplain and student of Clinical Pastoral Education at the Cleveland Clinic. Read more about Sahra here.