Greater Cleveland Congregations UPDATE

On September 17, members of Trinity’s GCC core group and Acting Dean Gaston met with the Rev. Rich Israel and the Rev. Dr. Yvonne Conner to discuss recent GCC events. While considering an impressive list of issues addressed by the GCC since its founding — Trinity Cathedral is a charter GCC member — those present focused the discussion on the recent campaign against proposed, publicly financed renovations to the Q Arena. Titled “Not All In,” the campaign gathered signatures to force a public referendum on the proposed project.

In July, questions concerning GCC’s tactics prompted four GCC congregations to withdraw their memberships. In August, having received a pledge from the Cuyahoga County Executive for additional mental health crisis centers, GCC withdrew its petitions for a referendum, in effect dropping its opposition.

Trinity’s GCC core group members raised concerns about the planning, management and tactics of the “Not All In” campaign. Specific issues included the lack of a viable communications strategy and a shift in campaign tactics from offering proposals for resolution to an organizing effort intent on making demands and holding demonstrations. While conceding many of the concerns raised, the Reverends Israel and Connor encouraged all to look at GCC’s many achievements over the years and to take a positive view of what GCC can continue to accomplish in the future.

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