October 4, 2017 – Francis of Assisi

Choral Evensong — October 4, 2017
Francis of Assisi
Friar, 1212

Trinity Cathedral Choir
Todd Wilson, choirmaster & Nicole Keller, organist
The Rev. Dr. Paul Gaston, Acting Dean, Trinity Cathedral, homilist

Opening Preces — Craig Phillips (b.1961)

Office Hymn #400                      (omit stanzas 2, 3, 6)
Psalm 148:7-14                              Anglican Chant (Willcocks)
First Lesson — Jeremiah 22:13-16
Magnificat — Evening Service in B-Flat      Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)
Second Lesson — Matthew 11:25-30
Nunc Dimittis                                          C.V. Stanford
Apoststles Creed
Responses, Lord’s Prayer, and Collects
Concluding Versicle and Response
Collect For the Day
Greeting and Homily
Anthem             O Lorde, the Maker of Al Thing           John Joubert (b. 1927)
Spoken Prayers
Concluding Versicle and Response
The Blessing
Organ Voluntary