Our Legacy

Trinity member Melody Hart recounts how important her church and its youth group were in her formation of “who I am” today. To ensure that Trinity can continue its various missions including its youth group in its third century, she endorses adding to the general endowment to advance our ministries for the future. It is, she maintains, part of our legacy to future generations.

Melody Hart

When I was growing up, going to church and being involved in the youth group were an important part of my life. The church and the youth leader helped to mold and shape my outlook, my ethics, my values – who I am.  Without the strong leadership and commitment of the church in youth, I may have found my mentors in places that might not have a positive influence on my future.  The church and its ministries are still a key part of my life.

Our general endowment  helps to support our ministries.  Adding to our general endowment would ensure we continue our ministries. It is time to strengthen this endowment for not only capital projects, but for our many important ministries, including our youth.  A strong endowment leaves an important legacy to the future of our children. During this discernment process, it is a time to look deep into ourselves and our values to determine the legacy we want to leave.


Trinity’s endowment fund was established almost 100 years ago with seed gifts from two visionary churchmen, Samuel and William Mather. Permanently invested, income from these and subsequent gifts provide annual operating and some capital project support. A larger endowment fund would expand Trinity’s capacity for property maintenance, congregational vitality, and youth and outreach ministry.

Increasing Trinity’s endowment fund is one of many projects under prayerful discernment (consideration) by members over the next several weeks.