The Dean’s Forum: Toward understanding — the Middle East and beyond

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This Sunday, November 22nd at 10:10 a.m., we will welcome Julia Shearson and M. Isam Zaiem to the Dean’s Forum. Julia Shearson is the Executive Director of the Cleveland Chapter of CAIR-Ohio (Council on American-Islamic Relations). M. Isam Zaiem is the Board President and the co-founder of the Cleveland Chapter of CAIR-Ohio. Given the dramatic terrorist events in Sinai Peninsula, Beirut and Paris in last couple of weeks, it is imperative that we seek to more fully understand the current situation in the Middle East, the recent events of terrorism, the plight of refugees, and the impact that these events have on our Middle Eastern and Muslim neighbors here in Cleveland. It is our hope that this forum will begin a conversation that takes into consideration the experience and concerns of the Muslim community in Cleveland and affords us a greater awareness and comprehension of the immigration and refugee policies of the United States, Ohio, and Cleveland. Finally, we hope to explore how Trinity may become an advocate for interfaith relations — especially in relationship to our immediate neighbors, the international students who attend CSU.