JULY 11, 2016 BY (EDIT)

CLEVELAND – Trinity Cathedral clergy and members will be among the thousands of people joining hands in silence for 30 minutes on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge on Sunday, July 17, the first day of the Republican Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.36.49 AMNational Convention. The event, called Circle the City with Love, is designed to be a highly visible, non-partisan demonstration of love and unity ahead of RNC, as well as a response to the recent violence in cities such as Baton Rouge, LA, Falcon Heights, MN, and Dallas, TX.


The event will take place on the Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial) Bridge that unites Cleveland’s east and west sides. Participants will hold hands or link arms in silence from 3 to 3:30 pm. No traffic will be on the bridge, and the event has an official permit from the city of Cleveland. UPDATE: Due to the large number of expected attendees, the meeting location of Circle the City with Love has changed to the west side entrance of the Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial) Bridge at Lorain Avenue and W. 20th Street instead of the St. Ignatius parking lot. 

All participants are asked to meet on the Bridge at 1:00 PM on Sunday, July 17th and encouraged to take public transportation via the RTA to the W. 25th Street rapid station or Bus # 20, #51 or #22 and walk to the Bridge entrance. Participants can park on area streets and parking lots.

Those who can’t participate at the bridge are encouraged to form circles of intentional silence and prayer at their own parishes at the same time. This event was conceived by Sister Rita Petruziello, CSJ, and is a collaborative initiative of several faith-based, civic and community groups. To learn more and to register, visit www.circlecitywithlove.com.

More information can also be found in the Circle the City Press Release and below flyer.