Governance at Trinity Cathedral

One of the hallmarks and great strengths of the Episcopal Church is that we vote. We use our minds and hearts to consider the issues, we listen for the Holy Spirit among us, and then we vote—at parish annual meetings, at diocesan convention, at meetings of councils and committees and, once every three years, at General Convention. Like any democracy, we don’t always get it right, and there are votes recorded through Episcopal history that now make us hang our heads with regret and shame. More often, however, our votes advance the cause of social justice, provide initiative and money for vital mission and ministry and help the church stand in solidarity with the poor.

Photo: From Trinity’s 193rd Annual Meeting

A scene from Trinity’s 193rd Annual Meeting

At Trinity, our affairs are governed by a Vestry whose members are elected by the congregation at its annual meeting each May. The Cathedral Council, also elected by the congregation, oversees Trinity’s mission and outreach and advises the Vestry on these matters:




The Vestry is responsible for all finances, investments, property, personnel policies, programs and Diocesan relations. It receives regular reports from the Trinity Commons Executive Committee. The Vestry:

  • is comprised of no less than 10 and no more than 12 members elected by the Cathedral at its annual meeting and divided into three equal classes with staggered three-year terms and eligible to serve for three consecutive terms.
  • includes ex-officio representation from the Chair and Vice-Chair of the proposed Cathedral Council. Both have seat and voice, but only one has the privilege of vote at any single meeting.

Vestry Minutes

Nominating Committee

Nominees for Vestry, Cathedral Council and at-large members of the Nominating Committee are chosen through a broadly representative and thorough nominating process. We believe this leadership discernment, development, and nominating process broadens Trinity’s base of trained, committed lay leaders.

The Nominating Committee is comprised of:

  • two members selected by the Vestry
  • two members selected by the Cathedral Council
  • two members elected at the Annual Meeting.

The Nominating Committee convenes in February and March to discern the needs of the Vestry and Cathedral Council, solicits applications from the congregation, seeks out well-qualified candidates, and presents a slate for consideration by the congregation at the Annual Meeting.

Welcoming new people is one of our greatest joys at Trinity Cathedral.

Regardless of your religious background, or your beliefs, Trinity will do its best to speak to you, comfort you, challenge you and provide you with a spiritual home.