Trinity Urban Farm

Photo: Trinity Community GardenTrinity Urban Farm at East. 35th and Cedar Avenue continues to flourish. We harvest hundreds of pounds of food each week during the growing season for meals served at A Place at the Table and also provide flowers for the Trinity altar arrangements.

We need help weeding, mowing, trimming, watering, nurturing, harvesting and much more! Our workdays are Saturdays from 9 a. m. – noon. Call to arrange to work on other days.

Contact Ginger Bitikofer at (216) 774-0407 or email or Urban Farm Leader Scott Blanchard.

Work at Urban Farm Resumes April 11, 2015
Volunteers gather each week at 9 a.m. until around noon, to participate in spring cleanup and start turning dirt in beds in preparation to plant early spring crops. You need not stay the entire time, even a half hour is helpful!

Support the Farm with Used Inkjet Cartridges
Bring your used inkjet cartridges to Trinity (sorry, Epson brand is not accepted, nor are toner/laser cartridges) and drop them in the recycle box in the coat room. All cartridges are sent to a recycling center in Pennsylvania and the money raised is used to purchase seeds, seedlings and other gardening supplies.


The following poem was offered by Joyce Green, an Urban Farm volunteer, at the annual potluck dinner that kicks off the growing season for Trinity’s Urban Farmers. Note: The bean-dog reference is to another volunteer’s dog, that loves beans.

“Let the Planting Begin”

Welcome to the potluck din,
Our gardening season doth begin.
With some food and drink and thought,
Let us plan our urban plot.
Reviewing tools and seeds we’ve got,
And what plants need to still be bought.
Turn the wheel and then assign,
Vegetables in a new design.
Rotate collards and tomatoes,
Beans and eggplants and potatoes.
With some luck and rain and sun,
Saturday mornings will be fun.
To see the progress as we toil,
With aching backs we prod the soil.
And bring our seedlings to fruition,
A hearty bounty is our mission.
See you there around 8 or 9,
You never know who or what you’ll find.
One thing cer-tain-ly will be,
A bean-dog rambling merrily.
Happy gardening to one and all,
At Trinity’s farm from now ‘til fall.

– Joyce Green, April 20, 2015