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Wednesdays @ Trinity

Wednesday Evenings at Trinity begin with Evensong at 6 p. m., followed by supper ($5 donation) and a program at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening classes at Trinity include:

Intimacy with God
Oct. 7-Dec. 2, 2015

The Rev. Canon Kay Rackley
The purpose of religion, contrary to popular belief, is to develop one’s relationship with the Divine — in other words, to cultivate one’s spirituality. Sadly, for most of us, a relationship with the Divine is understood to be something that is unavailable to ordinary people. A relationship with the Divine, we believe, is limited to “professional” religious people — priests, clergy, monks and nuns. The rest of us are simply meant to muddle through our lives in the hope that upon our death the illusive relationship with God will somehow be consummated.

It is in the midst of our ordinary lives that our relationship with the Divine is cultivated. It is because of our humanity—not despite it—that we have the capacity to be in relationship with God. This is the point of the Incarnation. The class will be informed by Thomas Keating’s book Intimacy with God and offer practices that one can cultivate to facilitate the development of a life-long relationship with God.

Facilitated Labyrinth Walk
Oct. 21, 2015
Sue Mueller and Karen Peterson lead this labyrinth walk at Trinity. Both trained facilitators and members of St. Barnabas in Bay Village, Sue and Karen will offer instruction and then allow guests to walk and experience the labyrinth. Both the Trinity labyrinth (an eleven-circuit one based on the labyrinth in Chartes Cathedral in France) and a classical labyrinth will be available.

Thomas Merton: Alive at Fourth and Walnut
Dec. 9, 2015

Written and performed by Jim Nagle
This one-person, one-act play portrays the life and spiritual journey of Thomas Merton—his youth, conversion, monastic/hermit life and untimely death. We see the struggles, joys and challenges he embraced in becoming the deeply human monk, prophet, poet and spiritual writer God called him to be.

Jim Nagle’s goal in life is to help people realize that they are loved unconditionally by God. How does he do this? Mainly through the arts and his life. This pilgrim and dreamer is 69 years old and hails from Cleveland. He has celebrated life as a teacher, a poet, a playwright, a story-teller, an actor and a clown (in all 50 states).

Tai Chi
October-December, 2015 (Does not meet Oct. 7 & 14)
Led by George Anderson
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that was originally developed for self-defense (it is considered to be a martial art form). Today tai chi has evolved into a graceful and elegant form of exercise where each posture flows gently into the next without pause which ensures that your body remains in constant motion. Consequently, tai chi is sometimes described as meditation in motion. Because of its gentle and flowing style, tai chi is considered to be a self-paced system of gentle stretching and low impact exercise that naturally promotes stress reduction. Tai chi is generally considered safe and beneficial for all ages and fitness levels.

Trinity also offers opportunities for faith formation and fellowship on Sundays. In addition, our Adult Journey programs—Confirmation, Culture of Call and Education Ministry—offer a deeper understanding of the life of faith.